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Talent Management show great faith and communication and deserve a lot of gratitude. They are serious and honestly access the right looks and modelling for you, while allowing you to express individuality and depth of character. The expert advice helped me realize hidden depths I was unaware of, it is important to follow & trust the guidelines given to you. They have advised me well about the overall structure of look as well as importance of using natural relaxed charm, variation and charisma to make a beautiful impression on clients. 

My pilot casting was great and exciting, It was my first T.V commercial cast. I met various types of models of all ages and experiences and gained further knowledge regarding the Industry and adapted well to different persona's. 

The Cast was quick, the directors asked me to follow basic instructions and complemented my presence and actions, and said I had it as a pilot. I enjoyed being surrounded by healthy competition and learned a lot. Regardless of the result I aim to prevail to the best of my ability & continue my progress full blooded. I have generated more depth and aura to use in future castings. I aim to fulfil my potential and role to help Talent Online Management prevail as the primary facilitator in the industry. I am honoured to represent Talent Online Management, the name and the whole team.


Thanks to Talent management for this experience.
Well, my experience at the burger king advert casting went well. I arrived early, which was a good thing because i had to check in and fill in a form and change to look like a farmer. Everyone was nice to me the director the camera person, the receptionist and even the fellow cast members. The only problem i got was i did not how to use the ipad i was given, so i asked for help which i got.
The actual audition was interesting. We were told to sit down and just talk, so i had to thing quickly about what to say. It was easy, though unexpected. Am just praying i get picked, but i did my part all i have to do is rest and wait for the directors to do their part.
It was a great experience, loved it.

My advise to those going for a casting, is go prepared. If it is a part for a farmer like i did, research it find out farmer language. What would i farmer talk about, how do they behave, what do they wear, how to they look. This is just an example, you could be a fireman, a police officer and so on

And another thing don't worry, if your not picked cherish the thought that you have had a good experience, and you would do better next time. If your picked yeeee!!! celebrate, but calm down and focus, cause this experience could either ruin you or promote you big time.

Next, learn from your experience, note what you could do better and what you should avoid.

Young Model

Went back for a second casting for a Holiday Inn advert on Monday and playing the part of a Business Man. This time we were tennis serving and dancing! Glad to have the experience and fingers crossed I'll get the part. Otherwise, onto the next one! Thank you for you hard work. Andrew

Portrait of a Man

Thanks to Talent  Management for this experience.My first video shoot has been very great and it was an amazing experience. The crew members on the shoot were very friendly and helpful; I was a little nervous before the shoot, as i never acted before but capital casting showed so much support which boosted my confidence!

Once again Thank you so much Talent Management for hunting me this assignment!

Young Male Model

What's this After signing up with Talent  Management, i got called for an audition for Sky Tv serial. I had to prepare myself with a monologue before attending to it, and when i attended the audition, i was given a small part of their script to revise and had to act it out, that was an exciting and interesting experience. The environment was friendly and very supportive.

Thank you Talent Management for getting me good auditions and for boosting my experiences, through this my confidence level is also improving.item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Confident Woman

So I now have an audition for a hair modelling job! Super excited! Thank
you to Talent online Management for aiding me in finding an audition doing
modelling or acting. I can't wait to see what the future could hold!
Great thanks and high recommendations!

Black and White Model
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